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Cable 14's video feature on the Instruments of South Asia. Part 1
Part 2
Cable 14's video feature on South Asian Living: A Glimpse at Afghanistan Part 1
Part 2
"King of Fruits", mango is one of the most popular and best-loved fruits worldwide. Hundreds of varieties of mangoes are known to exist in the world. Mangoes have enjoyed a special significance in the culture of South Asia where they have been cultivated for millennia. It has been the national…
Good Morning Hamilton is a weekly radio program for the Pakistani and South Asian community in Hamilton.  It is broadcast by McMaster University Community Radio Station at 93.3 FM and can be heard in surrounding area as well around the world through live Internet feed at cfmu.mcmaster.ca.  The program host…
During the oft-stressful times of the holiday/winter season, we should look towards ways of making peace amongst everyone. The Times of India features an article which reflects on various ways we could do this in our lives.  Perhaps it's volunteering at a retirement home or going green - there are…
In Montreal, two Indian-born, Canadian-raised brothers are hoping to change the world by bringing the Internet to billions of people around the world.  The UbiSlate, an Android-based tablet, has been dubbed the world's cheapest table computer and is scheduled to be released in India within weeks. Brothers Raja Singh Tuli…
Cable 14's 2011 feature on Diwali - the festival of light. Part 1
Part 2
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