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Good Morning Hamilton

Good Morning Hamilton is a weekly radio program for the Pakistani and South Asian community in Hamilton.  It is broadcast by McMaster University Community Radio Station at 93.3 FM and can be heard in surrounding area as well around the world through live Internet feed at cfmu.mcmaster.ca.  The program host Dr. Basharat Tayyab believes that the Pakistani families need a non-commercial radio program where they can listen to discussions on current affairs, local cultural and political issues as well as entertainment in Urdu.  She usually brings guests on the program to discuss specific issues.  For example, political candidates are invited to discuss their platforms, musicians and singers have been invited to discuss specific aspects of music, other experts have discussed human rights issues, challenges of integration in Canadian societies for families and youth and other matters of interest to the Pakistani and South Asian communities. Dr. Tayyab encourages listeners to call in and ask questions and make comments on what they have heard.  The musical interludes presented are selected from an exclusive Pakistani collection representing various languages of Pakistan.  Don’t forget to tune in Sundays at 9 AM to FM 93.3 to spend an hour of relaxing and intriguing discussions with Basharat Tayyab and her husband, Tayyab Rana, who handles the technical matters on the radio.

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